​Ecofish presents at the 15th Annual Power of Water Canada Conference

Ecofish Research has been taking strides to expand our capabilities and better serve our clients in Ontario. In addition to opening a new Toronto office location, we have been meeting with members of the Ontario hydropower industry to showcase our expertise in hydropower development.

This past week, Ecofish President and Senior Fisheries Scientist Adam Lewis and Fisheries Biologist Eric Smyth participated in a panel presentation on fish passage at the Ontario Water Power Association’s annual conference. Ecofish informed conference attendees on how to identify fish passage needs for projects and presented on new and emerging approaches in fish passage. Adam Lewis shared his knowledge from working with regulators on how to recognize fish passage needs and identified key requirements for having successful conversations with regulators. Eric Smyth addressed fish passage modelling and shared insight on how to recognize the negative consequences of fish passage to demonstrate how to develop fish passage targets and explain why fish passage may be unfavorable for some systems.

With years of experience in the hydroelectric industry, Ecofish has the expertise to help Ontario clients overcome their most challenging hydropower issues.