​Join Ecofish for a fantastic professional development opportunity at Clean Energy BC’s Generate 2015 Conference!

If you have not yet heard, please join us in closing Generate 2015 (Clean Energy BC’s Annual Conference, see www.generate2015.ca) for an exciting one-day long workshop aimed at providing the most recent updates on the initiatives and directions pertaining to the regulatory framework that governs the Clean Energy industry in BC. In keeping with the theme of this year’s conference (Think Bigger), regulators, proponents and practitioners will gather to share the results of several years of monitoring of clean energy projects. Through this sharing of information we will focus the discussion on the improvement of monitoring guidelines and the role for the clean energy industry in regional monitoring and the management of cumulative effects.

The day will conclude with a multi-member panel discussion that will follow the successful format used in 2014. In a non-confrontational and disarming way, with humility, humour, and learning at the center of the discussion, agencies, practitioners, and proponents will engage and answer a series of anonymous questions provided by various participants. This session promises to be both frank and informative, with the objective to gain a better appreciation for the varying positions and perspectives of the current issues of the day.

The workshop will provide an opportunity to bring government, proponents, practitioners and academics together in an engaging format to learn and share with one another. The workshop will include select presentations and panel discussions. The venue is intimate and networking opportunities will abound. Looking forward to seeing you there!

For registration information, please visit: http://www.generate2015.ca/program/short-courses/