Broughton Wild Salmon Restoration Project

To aid the Indigenous Monitoring Implementation Plan and in particular, the wild salmon recovery in the Broughton Archipelago, Ecofish has been supporting  ‘Namgis First Nation, Kwikwasut’inuxw Haxwa’mis First Nation, and Mamalilikulla First Nation on the Broughton Wild Salmon Restoration Project, a subproject of the Broughton Aquaculture Transition Initiative (BATI).

Ecofish had the pleasure of working alongside partner Nations to assess the condition and extent of stream and estuarine habitats in nine watersheds selected as priorities for salmon restoration in the Broughton Archipelago.  Community engagement and Indigenous Knowledge guided the review and prioritization of restoration opportunities, and included options such as eelgrass planting, saltmarsh construction, marine and shoreline debris removal, spawning gravel placement, side channel construction, and barrier removal.

Currently we are working with each Nation of BATI to survey the highest priority restoration sites and take the next steps towards implementation of restoration of stream and estuary habitats in the summer of 2022. We look forward to continued partnership with the Nations of BATI while working towards wild salmon recovery in the Broughton Archipelago.