Dr. Xuezhong Yu earns Licensed Professional Engineer (P.Eng.) Designation

Congratulations to Water Resources Engineer, Dr. Xuezhong Yu, on his recent designation as a Professional Engineer! Dr. Yu is a senior member of Ecofish’s expanding group of engineering professionals who have demonstrated their dedication to high standards of practice in the industry. Certified professional engineers are legally and ethically responsible for their work, hold public safety paramount, maintain high levels of competence, continually upgrade their knowledge through research and education, and adhere to a strict code of ethics.

Dr. Yu received his Ph.D. from Beijing Normal University in 2008 and has been a key member of the Ecofish team since 2013.  Prior to joining Ecofish, Dr. Yu worked for the National Research Center for Sustainable Hydropower Development in Beijing, China, where he helped develop the Hydropower Sustainability Assessment Protocol, a globally recognized tool for measuring sustainability in the hydropower sector. He has contributed to more than 100 journal articles and conference proceedings, and 3 books.

Dr. Yu works as a Senior Hydro-environmental Scientist and Water Resources Engineer at Ecofish Research Ltd. where he has participated in more than a dozen projects on assessment and monitoring of hydropower facilities in Canada, China, and Laos. Currently, Dr. Yu is leading a multi-disciplinary team from Canada, China, and Laos to study river health and hydropower development in the Lancang-Mekong River basin.

Congratulations once again on your professional designation!