Ecofish Completes Environmental Impact Study in the Strait of Georgia, Home to a Vast Array of Marine Species


Seals on the rocky shores of Entrance Island, a popular haul-out area

Ecofish completed an Environmental Impact Study for the planned replacement of the wastewater treatment facility at the Canadian Coast Guard lighthouse station at Entrance Island, near Nanaimo, BC. Contracted by Wedler Engineering LLP, our specialists determined that the planned project upgrade will improve the quality of wastewater discharge that flows into the marine environment. The rocky shoreline at Entrance Island, along the path of BC Ferry’s Horseshoe Bay to Departure Bay mainland route, is an important haul-out area for seals and sea lions. The surrounding waters are also a recreational haven for kayakers and windsurfers. Ecofish was pleased to be able to identify that the planned upgrade will improve water quality in the adjacent marine habitat which supports a thriving community of marine fish, invertebrates, mammals, and sea birds.


Entrance Island