Ecofish Contributes In-Kind Support on Local Initiative: Sensitive Stream Habitat Mapping in the Comox Valley

This fall, Ecofish partnered with Comox Valley Project Watershed Society to update Sensitive Habitat mapping and provide restoration recommendations for two urban salmon-bearing streams in the Comox Valley: Glen Urquhart and Mallard Creeks. These streams provide valuable spawning and rearing habitat that has been compromised by urban and agricultural development. We look forward to continuing to work with Project Watershed on the next steps to restore valuable salmon habitat in the Comox Valley!

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Ecofish employee, Leah Ballin, takes note of riparian restoration opportunities to stabilize the bank of Glen-Urquhart Creek.


K’omoks Guardian Watchman, Antonio Billie, measures the height that fish would need to jump to access this culvert on Glen-Urquhart Creek. Note that this pool is FULL of Chum salmon attempting to make their way upstream to spawn.