Ecofish sponsors and presents at the Canadian Water Resource Association’s Environmental Flows Technical Workshop

On November 16th, Ecofish sponsored and presented at the Environmental Flows Technical Workshop hosted by the Canadian Water Resources Association (CWRA) in Alliston Ontario. Ecofish Data Analyst Katie Healey and Fisheries Biologist Eric Smyth presented the assessment and monitoring results from the Kwalsa Stave Hydroelectric Project, sharing valuable knowledge with consultants, conservation authority personnel, municipal planners and regulators.

As leaders in the collaborative development of various guidelines for hydropower development in BC, Ecofish discussed how these standards could benefit regulators in Ontario. By attending this workshop, experts at Ecofish gained new insights on how Ontario resolves environmental flow issues and moreover, how to provide value services to future Ontario clients. We look forward to sharing our local knowledge and expertise to help advance the hydroelectric sector in Ontario and further renewable energy opportunities in the province.