Ecofish Supports Ahousaht Youths in the Community

We are thrilled to see how our contributions to the Ahousaht Holiday Drive have benefited the community.  For the past ten years, the Ahousaht Holiday Drive has brought warm clothes, healthy food, toys, and sports equipment to families and individuals who are in need over the holiday season.  We are proud to say that with our support and the generosity of other donors, the community was able to host a 3-day basketball tournament for Ahousaht youths.

Social responsibility is a key pillar of our business and it’s inspiring for us to see how a helping hand can evoke such positive change in our communities.   By continuing to strengthen our local relationships and nurture our environment, we are excited to see more initiatives like this come to fruition.    Thank you to the Sam family and the Ahousaht Holistic Center for your efforts!