Ecofish Water Resources Engineer Dr. Abul Baki Publishes New Study in the Journal of Hydraulic Engineering

boulder-publicationCongratulations to Ecofish Water Resources Engineer Dr. Abul Baki, for his recent publication in the Journal of Hydraulic Engineering (JHE), titled ‘Flow Structures in the Vicinity of a Submerged Boulder within a Boulder Array.’  Widely used in fish habitat enhancement structures and fish passes, boulders provide cover from predators, decrease flow velocity and create rearing habitat.

The purpose of this study was to provide detailed measurements of flow around a single boulder located in a stream bed with a high concentration of boulders.  The profiles of streamwise average velocity agreed fairly well with the Coles’ wake law.  Formulas based on the experiment’s observations were proposed for the profiles of streamwise average velocity, turbulence intensity, and the correlation coefficient of velocity fluctuations.

It is hoped that the results around fish habitat structures in this study will aid in making potential improvements in the design of nature-like fish passes and river restoration projects (e.g., habitat restoration, enhancement, or replacement.)  This paper was co-authored by Dr. Wenming Zhang, Dr. David Z. Zhu, and Dr. Nallamuthu Rajaratnam.

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