Going global: Ecofish shares sustainable hydropower expertise in Vientiane, Laos

Dr. Xuezhong Yu attended the Mekong River Commission’s Fourth Sustainable Hydropower Practice Forum August 10th-11th, themed ‘Dialogue with Hydropower Developers’ in Vientiane, Laos.
The forum provided an opportunity for hydropower developers, specialists, government, research institutes, development partners and other regional and international organizations to discuss hydropower planning and development in the Mekong Basin. As a keynote speaker, Dr. Yu presented the practices of joint operation of hydropower projects on a river or in a river basin. He also presented principles of system-level hydropower planning, using the Lancang River to demonstrate these practices.
Over recent years, Ecofish has made contributions to enhance food, water, and energy security in Southeast Asia by conducting research projects and training local professionals on sustainable hydropower. Thanks to the organizers of this year’s Sustainable Hydropower Practice for providing a great platform to continue to raise awareness and promote education on this topic.

Sustainable Hydropower Practice Forum


Dr. Xuezhong Yu Presents at the Mekong River Commission’s 4th Sustainable Hydropower Practice Forum