Ecofish Joins Innergex Renewable Energy to Celebrate the Commissioning of the Upper Lillooet Hydro Project (ULHP)

Vancouver, British Columbia –  September 18th, 2018 – Last Friday, Ecofish celebrated the Upper Lillooet Hydro Project commissioning near Pemberton, BC with long-time client, Innergex Renewable Energy (Innergex).  The full day event was a momentous occasion that brought together stakeholders and contractors to celebrate the completion of two run-of river, clean energy generation facilities located in the Pemberton Valley, the first of which, the Upper Lillooet River Hydroelectric facility, boasts a clean energy generating capacity of 81.4 MW.  The second facility, Boulder (Pebble) Creek Hydroelectric Facility, generates 25.3 MW.

Reflecting on the multi-year journey with Innergex, Ecofish President Adam Lewis remarked ‘Innergex has been a leader in the development of BC’s Clean Energy industry, and the ULHP is a great example of how daunting engineering and environmental challenges can be overcome with a committed team, perseverance, creativity, and no small measure of courage.  Innergex demands excellence, and our culture of scientific excellence and business discipline allowed us to meet this extraordinary challenge. As a long-time supplier to the industry, we would like to extend our deepest congratulations to Innergex and their prime contractor, CRT-ebc, on this huge achievement.’

Ecofish was retained by Innergex in 2009 to undertake environmental studies and requirements for the assessment, permitting, construction and commissioning of the ULHP.  These efforts culminated in the project receiving an Environmental Assessment Certificate (EAC) in January 2013.  Other milestones included securing water licenses, land tenures, a DFO Authorization, and general wildlife measures exemptions necessary for project development.  During the construction phase, Ecofish remained close to the project as the Qualified Environmental Professional (QEP).

Today, we are proud to say that through the provision of key technical services, quality technical reporting, and ongoing support in all phases of the project, we have contributed to the successful development and commissioning of the ULHP and developed a strong, long-standing relationship with our client, Innergex Renewable Energy.  We look forward to providing our continued support moving forward.  To learn more about Ecofish’s involvement in the ULHP, please visit our website: