Join Ecofish for This Year’s Cumby Race!

Ecofish is thrilled to be a part of this year’s Cumby Race! On May 6th, our team will be participating alongside other members of the community to raise funds to support the Cumberland Community Forest Society (CCFS) in their mission to purchase, protect, and care for the Cumberland Forest.

In 2019, the CCFS asked Ecofish to investigate potential restoration and management activities to improve the condition and function of Perseverance Creek. The Perseverance Creek feeds into the Comox Lake watershed which supplies drinking water to Comox Valley residents and supports the migration of fish and the Western Toad each summer. Ecofish provided recommendations for restoration including timber retention and wetland creation to mediate high flows, riparian vegetation enhancement, bank erosion mediation, and groundwater fed backchannel creation to provide summer and winter refuge for fish. The CCFS is currently refining plans to implement restoration projects.

Thank you to CCFS for your continued efforts to raise awareness for the restoration and conservation of our community forests and watersheds. Join us for the Cumby this Saturday and show your support!

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