New Publication in Frontiers in Environmental Science!

We are thrilled to announce a new publication in the Freshwater Science section of Frontiers in Environmental Science! Congratulations to Ecofish Scientists Andrew Harwood, Susan Johnson and Xuezhong Yu along with co-authors David Tickner, Brian Richter and Allan Locke on their publication, Critical Factors for Water Policy to Enable Effective Environmental Flow Implementation.  Environmental flow, as defined by the Brisbane Declaration (2007), “…describes the quantity, quality and timing of water flows required to sustain freshwater ecosystems and the human livelihoods and well-being that depend on these ecosystems.”



During the last two decades many countries have recognized the integral part that environmental flows should play in water management and have incorporated environmental flow provisions as they have updated water policy. This brief sets out generic recommendations for governments and other stakeholders on factors that, if reflected in policy frameworks, are likely to enable scaling up of environmental flow implementation. Our recommendations have been informed by a review of political, economic, social and scientific enabling factors that led to environmental flow implementation in eight rivers across the world. Legislation and regulation are pre-requisites for effective environmental flow implementation. Depending on context, we describe a number of other factors that can provide a foundation for effective environmental flows policy.


To view the full online publication, please click here: