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Mossom Creek Spawning Habitat Restoration


project overview

We are committed to promoting healthy social community by supporting local and regional community environmental initiatives with donation of our services. Following the destruction of key spawning habitat, Ecofish President and Fisheries Biologist, Adam Lewis, (also a former Centennial School Salmon Project volunteer), volunteered professional resources to help restore the habitat.

  • Client: Mossom Creek Hatchery
  • Location: Port Moody, Vancouver Lower Mainland
  • Duration: 2015 – 2016

The challenge

Mossom Creek is a small urban stream in Port Moody, Vancouver Lower Mainland that supports the Mossom Creek Hatchery and Education Centre. Following high flood flows that destroyed key spawning habitat, an opportunity for habitat enhancement was identified.

The project was developed in partnership with Mossom Creek Hatchery with a grant from the Habitat Conservation Trust Fund. Other advisors to the project included the Musqueam Nation, Fisheries and Oceans Canada, and the BC Ministry of Forests, Lands and Natural Resource Operations.

The work

Ecofish water resource engineers, hydrologists and fisheries experts worked on the project. We provided key professional services to help create new spawning habitat and aid in the restoration of the fisheries value of the creek, including:

  • engineering
  • hydrology and flood modelling
  • habitat modelling
  • regulatory permitting support
  • coordination and implementation of field work

We also donate ongoing technical resources in support of key research advancements in the monitoring of urban impacts to aquatic ecosystems and model the efficacy of various habitat design approaches.

The results

To date Ecofish has installed a real-time hydrometric gauge to measure water level and flow, real-time water temperature, air temperature, precipitation, and turbidity sensors. We have provided this data to Mossom Creek Hatchery. The enhancement was an immediate success. Within just 10 days of completion, Pink Salmon began to spawn in the new habitat.

“The Mossom Creek Hatchery volunteers deeply appreciate the civic mindedness of Ecofish Research.  The company contributes a great deal of valuable time and expertise to help us with habitat enhancement and with achieving a better understanding of our watershed in Port Moody, BC.  Ecofish donated the essential professional experience that moved our salmon spawning habitat improvement project forward with engineered plans, assistance with permit applications, and on-site coordination of volunteers and contractors. Ecofish has generously installed and continues to maintain a water quality monitoring station for Mossom Creek so that we can digitally access turbidity, flow, temperature and precipitation data.  Because of present and planned future upstream development, this baseline data is tremendously helpful to our stewardship work.”

Ruth Foster / Co-founder, Mossom Creek Hatchery / Vice-President, Burrard Inlet Marine Enhancement Society