Ecofish has a dedicated team of data analysts and modellers who specialize in analyzing and presenting information to conduct environmental assessments, and compare project alternatives. We help our clients make sound decisions by providing timely solutions to project designs and monitor the effects of existing projects.

We use our spatial analyst capabilities to conduct sophisticated modelling and analyses to identify optimal solutions to land and aquatic management problems. We have experience conducting analysis at various levels of detail, ranging from high-level screening analyses to detailed model applications and statistical analysis.

Our quality control systems ensure that we deliver high-quality, accurate products that are consistent with regulator expectations.

Our GIS databases contain a vast array of spatial datasets covering a wide range of subject matter, including transportation, hydrology, wildlife, fisheries, planning, and effects assessment.

What we offer

Some examples of data analysis, modelling, and GIS work include:

Statistical analysis

  • Prospective power analysis in R software, used to design guideline-compliant environmental monitoring plans
  • Multivariate analysis using PRIMER software, used to detect development-related changes in large environmental datasets
  • Generalized linear modelling (GLM) in SPSS, used to examine relationships between environmental parameters

Mathematical modelling

  • Agent-based models programmed in Visual Basic, used to predict the effectiveness of alternative fish passage solutions
  • Population dynamics models programmed in R software, used to explore the effects of alternative management options on fish populations
  • Mechanistic simulation models, used to predict the effects of flow alteration on fish habitat. These include in-house (custom) and industry standard modelling tools (e.g., HEC-RAS, PHABSIM, River2D)

Data Analysis Automation & Scenario Exploration Tools

  • Custom decision support tools (e.g., Excel dashboards), used to quickly explore alternative management scenarios
  • Data analysis output automation, built into our internal Web Portal
  • Development of desktop and web data applications for clients

Spatial analysis & GIS

  • Data collection, conversion and integration
  • Database creation, management and design
  • Spatial analysis and 3D analysis capabilities
  • Project design and infrastructure analyses within aquatic and terrestrial habitats
  • LiDAR processing and digital elevation surface generation
  • Watershed catchment and drainage analysis
  • Georectification of aerial photography
  • Air photo interpretation
  • Land cover and terrain mapping
  • Spatial analysis and modeling to come up with innovative solutions
  • Layout and design of cartographic products
  • Automated processing of complex workflows using ModelBuilder and python programming
  • Development and implementation of digital field data collection forms