Adaptive management is a planned process for continuously improving environmental management practices by learning. Adaptive management gives proponents the flexibility to adjust mitigation during construction and later while operating. An adaptive management plan can help mitigate when project effects are uncertain, tempting regulators to apply the precautionary principle, creating costly delays. Adaptive management is an effective solution when:

  • key environmental effects are uncertain
  • the proposed mitigation may not function as intended or is not needed
  • advances in scientific knowledge or technology over the life of the project may enable improved mitigation measures
  • regulatory and public concern could be addressed by a commitment to adaptive management

Where we can help

Ecofish professionals are experts in designing, implementing, and evaluating adaptive management plans. We are there to help when projects struggle with complex environmental problems, or when the key information can’t be collected within the environmental review timeline. We will define a successful strategy that carefully defines the uncertainty and the key information needed to inform effective mitigation and/or offsetting measures.

What we offer

We offer rigorous experimental design, efficient data collection, defensible data analysis and skilled evaluation of adaptive management plans.

Our services include:

  • defining the adaptive management strategy
  • defining technically and economically feasible adaptive mitigation measures
  • planning and implementing rigorous monitoring programs to confirm mitigation success
  • advising proponents and regulators on final decisions that adopt specific adaptive management measures