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Ecofish has many years of experience in project issues scoping—from project conception through the Environmental Assessment (EA) process. We have developed a reputation with clients and regulatory agencies alike for our ability to quickly and effectively aid proponents whose projects were delayed due to inadequate scoping and baseline data collection.

Where we can help

The key to successfully navigating the EA process for a potential new development is to first obtain a thorough understanding of the potential environmental issues anticipated though all stages of the proposed development. If done properly, this can set the groundwork for a defensible EA, mitigation, offsetting, and successful long term monitoring program. However, if project issues scoping is inadequate the client is likely to encounter future delays and unforeseen costs during the EA process.

What we offer

Ecofish can rapidly mobilize our team of technical experts and skilled field technicians to identify key issues, data gaps, and implement supplementary data collection as required. This helps projects meet regulatory requirements for the protection of the environment while maintaining the schedule and respecting the budget.