Ecofish specializes in providing clear, succinct, and comprehensive third party and current literature reviews of highly technical information. We perform data gap analysis and formulate recommendations and decision frameworks to address existing shortcomings. Our expertise enables us to prioritize key issues and develop innovative solutions and recommendations to address them.

Where we can help

Municipalities, First Nations, Provincial regulators, independent working groups, and not-for-profit associations often have to review large volumes of highly technical environmental information. These groups often lack the resources and breadth of technical expertise required to critically evaluate environmental studies and their associated recommendations and conclusions.

What we offer

Ecofish can support First Nations through environmental assessment of proposed hydroelectric projects, linear developments, and proposed mining activities. We provide sound, scientifically defensible critique of existing studies, and propose key changes to help First Nations make informed decisions.

We also provide third party review for technical working groups with a variety of environmental concerns, including potential impacts to water quality, invertebrate community, fish habitat and wildlife habitat from various development activities.