Our Team

The strength of our approach lies in the expertise and dedication of our team of over 100 experienced scientists, engineers, project managers, technology experts, and other professional staff.

Autumn Cousins, B.Sc.

Lead, Regulatory Strategy & Environmental Compliance

Autumn Cousins, Lead, Regulatory Strategy & Environmental Compliance has over fifteen years of experience in government, including in natural resource development, environmental assessment, consultation with Indigenous groups, negotiation and strategic issues resolution.  Prior to joining Ecofish in 2017, Autumn was the Director, Compliance and Enforcement (C&E) at the BC Environmental Assessment Office (EAO).  In that role she led the development of the C&E Program responsible for overseeing compliance of major projects across BC, including energy projects, mines, pipelines, transportation projects, resorts, etc. She was also the lead reviewer of all draft environmental assessment certificates for consistency with EAO’s environmental assessment certificate policy.  Through this work, Autumn has unique experience to support clients in strategic issues resolution, environmental assessment, permitting, regulatory strategy, compliance oversight, environmental management plans and Indigenous consultation.

Previously, Autumn worked in a variety of environmental assessment, natural resource development, intergovernmental, policy and project management roles for the EAO, Ministry of Energy and Mines, Intergovernmental Relations Secretariat, Ministry of Children and Family Development, Office of the Premier, and NATO Headquarters in Belgium.  Autumn holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Geography and Environmental Studies from the University of Victoria and has completed a wide range of training in consultation, negotiation, environmental assessment, environmental monitoring, administrative law, etc.