Our Team

The strength of our approach lies in the expertise and dedication of our team of over 100 experienced scientists, engineers, project managers, technology experts, and other professional staff.

Nicole Wright, Ph.D., P.Geo., PWS

Senior Hydrologist / Wetland Scientist

Nicole has 14 years of experience designing, planning, and executing hydrological and instream flow studies.  Nicole’s professional experience encompasses a wide range of environmental projects for government, industry, academia, First Nations, and NGOs in Canada, Australia, England, and the United States. She has led studies designing habitat suitability criteria for macroinvertebrates, evaluating the impacts of climate change on wetlands and instream flows, examining potential ecohydrological effects of reservoir drawdown and flooding on adjacent wetland and riparian areas, assessing the potential impacts of groundwater pumping on river flows, determining lake residency times, and designing and conducting water and energy balance studies for wetlands.

Nicole is passionate about the conservation and restoration of wetlands, and as one of 13 Professional Wetland Scientists in Canada, she strives to improve monitoring methods through the development and application of quantitative assessments of wetland functions. She applies her knowledge of best management practices, legislation, guidelines, and current research to develop effective, project-specific recommendations for the sustainable management, mitigation, and restoration of wetlands and riparian areas.

Nicole has authored peer-reviewed publications in scientific journals and in conference proceedings, environmental assessments, EAC amendments, and scoping, baseline, and monitoring reports. Her technical reviews encompass a wide range of hydrological issues, including the regulatory framework for surface and groundwater management in British Columbia; potential impacts to instream, wetland, and riparian condition and function from proposed hydroelectric, pipeline, and mine projects; and hydrological guidance for wetland restoration.