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Jon Abell, Ph.D., E.P.

Environmental Scientist

Jonathan Abell is an Environmental Scientist with expertise in freshwater science, environmental impact assessment, environmental monitoring, and ecological restoration. He has worked as a scientist for over ten years in Canada and overseas. Since joining Ecofish in 2014, Jonathan has worked on research and environmental assessment projects that predominantly relate to understanding and managing human interactions with freshwater ecosystems in British Columbia. Jonathan has a Ph.D. in limnology and has co-authored peer-reviewed papers focusing on lake ecology, environmental modelling, nutrient cycling, ecosystem services, and lake restoration. His background includes applying statistical methods and process-based models to understand the effects of water management on aquatic ecosystems. He has experience with supporting multi-stakeholder groups with science-based decision-making regarding issues such as restoring salmonid habitat, eutrophication, reservoir operations, watershed land management, instream flows, and prioritizing conservation funding. Jonathan has acted as an expert witness in relation to managing river water quality overseas and he is an accredited Environmental Professional in Canada, ratified by the Canadian Environmental Certification Approvals Board.