Our Team

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Seana Buchanan, M.Sc.

Fisheries Biologist

Seana began her career as a field biologist, working in the remote coastal waters of the Pacific Coast of North America and as far away as Western Australia. Her experiences in these ecosystems led her to her passion for applied biology: science that makes a measurable difference in the world. She relishes the opportunity to partner with industry and other stakeholders to develop and implement practical mitigations that reduce the impact of human activity on aquatic environments.

She brings a depth of knowledge in fish physiology, marine and freshwater ecology, and study design to her role as a fisheries biologist. Seana has over 10 years of experience in fisheries research and assessment in BC, working closely with First Nations communities, government regulators, and industry to support sustainable resource development. She has expertise in the various effects of water withdrawal on aquatic ecosystems, including habitat alteration, impacts on water temperature and water quality, rate of stage change, and the potential for fish entrainment.

Seana has authored multiple baseline reports, effects assessments (EA), entrainment risk assessments, and long term monitoring reports for hydropower projects in BC and the Northwest Territories. She is fully acquainted with the regulatory process for project authorization and approval, including the various Provincial and Federal guidelines and legislation that apply to water use in BC for various sectors. She is also experienced in supporting clients through all phases of project development and operation including early reconnaissance surveys and recommendations regarding planning and design, facilitation of a successful EA or Development Plan process, permitting, and long-term monitoring.