Our Team

The strength of our approach lies in the expertise and dedication of our team of over 180 experienced scientists, engineers, project managers, technology experts, and other professional staff.

Steve Nicholl, B.Sc., R.P. Bio.

Project Manager

Steve has a B.Sc. in biology from the University of Victoria, and over 12 years of experience in fisheries monitoring and management in British Columbia. Steve joined Ecofish in 2010 and has had a key role in ramping monitoring at various hydroelectric projects with Ecofish including Upper Lillooet, North, Creek, Boulder Creek, Tzoonie River, Chickwat and Forrest Kerr. Steve has extensive experience in field data collection, and has lead hundreds of stranding searches on multiple streams. Steve also has extensive experience in assessment and interpretation of ramping events based on hydrometric data, including evaluation of alternative ramping rules and determination of stranding risk. Specifically, Steve assisted in the development of the Ramping Management Monitoring Plan for AltaGas’s Forrest Kerr Hydroelectric Project, was responsible for the implementation of this Plan, and engaged with the proponent and Regulatory Agencies to discuss ramping test results and update the compliance criteria for the AltaGas.