Ecofish Celebrates International Women’s Day!

Today, Ecofish joins a global movement for change by celebrating the social, cultural, economic and political achievements of women worldwide.   Ecofish President Adam Lewis has always been a passionate supporter of women and is why, since inception, our company has sought to build a gender diverse workforce and a workplace that balances both the professional and personal needs of staff.  With VP Deborah Lacroix at his side, he assures that we are that much stronger for it.

The women on the Ecofish team cover a wide array of expert positions and have been instrumental to the success of the company from the get-go.  From Biologists, Scientists, Data Analysts, we hope to inspire girls to consider professional careers in science.  Ecofish’s accomplishments are no doubt a result of the combined expertise of a very talented group of both men and women.  Happy International Women’s Day to all of the hardworking, strong women out there and to all of the spectacular men who support them!

Visit our ‘About Us’ page to learn more about some of the inspirational women aboard Ecofish’s talented team: 

Deborah Lacroix, M.Sc., R.P. Bio | Vice President, Wildlife Biologist

Nicole Wright, Ph.D., A.Sc.T., P.W.S | Senior Hydrologist, Wetland Scientist

Autumn Cousins, B.Sc. | Lead, Regulatory Strategy and Environmental Compliance

Lesley Shelley, Ph.D., R.P. Bio. | Senior Water Quality Scientist

Katie Healey, B.Sc. | Senior Data Analyst